Ways of Working at BrandKraft

With our ability to tap into the power of collective wisdom of our vast network of subject matter experts across the globe, BrandKraft is able to cover a wide range of business challenges. Most of our projects fall in some or all of these topics: 

  • Discover underlying drivers and compelling insights for growth
  • Distill bold and fact-based strategies
  • Develop strategy-led engagement plans and brand experiences.
Uncovering underlying drivers and compelling insights for growth

All our projects start with research based on our belief that a successful strategy needs to be grounded in facts and compelling insights. BrandKraft analyzes and synthesizes market, consumer, shopper, customer, competitor, company and brand data to understand where the brand and business stands today and why.

  • Consumer and Market Insights & Analytics
  • Issues & Opportunities Analysis 
  • Insight Generation 
  • Segmentation
  • Brand Audit
  • Capability Audit
Deriving bold and fact-based strategies

Yet others demand a purposeful and directive positioning for the brand that will galvanize the organisation and guide all brand activities. After going wide and expanding our view in the research phase, in this phase we go tight and focus on the most promising springboard for the success of the business.

  • Go-to-Market Strategy
  • Business Modelling 
  • Brand Development Mapping 
  • Brand Positioning
  • Portfolio Strategy and Brand Architecture
  • Brand and Business Innovation Plan 
  • Brand Engagement Plans
  • Consumer Journey Mapping 
  • Content Strategy 
  • Communication Strategy
Create strategy-led engagement plans and brand experiences

Many clients tell us that one of the biggest pain points is how to translate the strategy to an executional level throughout the business and to get buy-in from important stakeholders. BrandKraft runs hands-on and result oriented workshops or training or develops brand identity and marketing collateral.

  • Strategy into Action workshop
  • Hackathons and Hothousing (in person or virtual) 
  • Business Planning Workshop
  • Brand Cascade or Launch workshop 
  • Brand Identity or relaunch (naming, logo, tagline, brand manuals)
  • Brand assets/ collaterals development (website, social media sites, brochures)
If you are interested to hear more on what we have done with regard to defining marketing processes, marketing training, design thinking or scrum, please get in touch

Why we’re different

To deliver the best outcome of a project you not only want to work with a good team, but with ‘A team’. At BrandKraft we put this into practice by tapping into our network of senior subject matter experts who are professional, experienced and a joy to work with.

Bespoke projects

Our flexible setup allows us to be nimble and agile and fit out each project with exactly the resources required. Each project is tailor made for the clients' needs in terms of depth, breadth and time.


With BrandKraft you get both: the experience of a professional business veteran coupled with the excitement and passion for your brand, category and business. The seniors you meet are the ones delivering your project.

Past Projects

We take the NDAs that we sign with clients seriously, so we are not able to divulge details of our past clients or brands.
So we took to describing some of our past projects in general terms to give you a flavour of our scope and work.
If you like to understand more, please get in touch.

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