Context: The derma care brand of a biotech company with a revolutionary technology to effectively fight skin disorders such as acne and eczema without any side effects, was lacking physical and mental awareness in the market.

Solution: BrandKraft conducted a wide competitor, category, consumer, customer survey to understand the drivers and inhibitors of the whole category. The findings were workshopped with the wider team that mostly had a technical or scientific background.

In a 3-day hothousing workshop we co-created the brand positioning, brand story and brand strategy. Based on the facts gathered we understood that the product offering is so unique that we created a new category for it and developed a challenger strategy.

Impact: The whole team felt a big sense of achievements as previous roadblocks were removed. The brand positioning was clear and directional and finally there was a simple way to tell the complicated brand story. The CEO said he was deeply impressed and the brand went on to win the 2018 ‘Ideas for Europe’ contest. Five years later the brand positioning is still a vital core tool in daily business and especially when building the brand in new overseas markets.