Context: The Filipino subsidiary of a leading FMCG brand was doubling its growth. The GM approached BrandKraft as he had the suspicion and feedback that his marketing team wasn’t adequately equipped for this rate of rapid expansion.  BrandKraft conducted structured conversations and an online survey with the different stakeholder groups (internal, regional, external partners) and developed a bespoke game to identify the leadership’s direction and sentiments considering trends and goals.

Solution: The in-depth survey revealed that the marketers, contrary to the suspicion, had indeed solid skills and experience but lacked the processes to let them thrive and perform. The company had grown to a stage where watercooler conversations did not suffice anymore to get a job accomplished.

BrandKraft identified 4 core marketing processes and developed an interactive workshop for the core team that detailed and mapped out down to roles and responsibilities, input, output, red flags, key measures and timings. This was followed by a 2-day bespoke marketing training for the team.

Impact: Once the team was clearer about ways of working and  accountability, the processes ran smoother and the company continued to grow aggressively.