Marketing Related

Our marketing related practices are:

Market, Consumer, Shopper, Competitor, Brand Audit
BrandKraft analyzes and synthesizes market, consumer, shopper, competitor and brand data to understand where the brand stands today and what are possible ways forward. The outcome are ‘big nugget’ insights – that are vital input for the strategy to go ahead.

Brand Identity
BrandKraft creates a meaningful and purposeful positioning for your brand that is based on your brand’s DNA and that motivates and guides everyone working on the brand to understand what is ‘on’ and ‘off’ brand. This positioning serves within your company as an essential guide on how to build the brand and it differentiates brands from products. Like the famous quote says “Products are made in factories, but brands are crafted in the mind”.

Brand Strategy
Where to play and how to win? This is the big question when you need to decide the way forward on how to best grow your brand. To which countries should I expand? And which brand to prioritize over another? Are there any potential categories, consumer groups or channels to tap into? BrandKraft helps you to make the right choices taking market, business and brand in mind.

Strategy Cascade (Annual Business Planning and Consumer Connect)
Strategy Cascade: When asked, most companies admit that they fall short at executing their strategy brilliantly. BrandKraft designs workshops that align different business disciplines behind the strategy and get buy-in from the team on what should be prioritized.

Activation Workshop. Our activation workshops generate ideas on the best way to connect with the consumer: In many categories the 30 sec. TV spot doesn’t cut it anymore and digital is a wide field. So, how and where does your brand reach best its target group? What is a good idea for brand activation?

Brand Valuation and Control
Generally, in most businesses this is the most neglected part. But “only what gets measured gets done”. BrandKraft helps you to put the right measurement and KPIs in place, that allow you to monitor the success of your campaigns, strategy and aligns the teams.

BrandKraft develops tailor made training that either focuses on the whole marketing processes or on one specific issue, (‘Introduction to Digital’, ‘How to generate insights’, ‘Marketing 101’, etc.).

Depending on your training objective the training can be either designed as a program that is run in an interactive seminar style or as more practical ‘bite-sized’ modules paired with live coaching for immediate business needs.

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