Asia Related

Our focus and experience in Asia shines through our focus practice areas:

Islamic Marketing
Think: ‘Marketing to Latinos’ in the US: This identity based marketing approach once a niche affair is today successfully embraced by many brands.

Muslims across the globe share common values and look out for similar brand cues. Furthermore it is a young, huge and fast growing community – across countries in Asia.

Bottom of the Pyramid
How to address the so-called ‘Bottom of the pyramid’ consumers? How to change the business model and mindset when talking to consumers that are huge in numbers but small in income?

2nd or 3rd generation Overseas Chinese across South East Asia
Very often coined as ‘Chinese Diaspora in SEA’ this large – often well off – ethnic group is an important consumer group across most Asian countries. How are they similar and how can this be harnessed for brand growth?

How to organize the Regional Marketing Team?
The Regional Marketing Team is often ‘sandwiched’ between the global and local teams. At the same time their responsibility stretches between 20-50 completely diverse countries. BrandKraft helps you to organize the regional team on common needs of the markets – which in turn motivates everyone involved in the business.

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