BrandKraft Story

The BrandKraft Story


What do we do?

BrandKraft is a marketing consultancy based in Singapore that helps clients to craft powerful brands in Asia.

Whether you are an Asian brand with the ambition to expand outside of your home market or you are a global brand that wants to reach better brand traction in Asia – BrandKraft helps to set winning strategies for brands in Asia.

The story behind BrandKraft

Taking inspiration from ‘Kraft’ a German word meaning ‘power’ and the play on words of ‘craft’ and ‘Kraft’ – ‘BrandKraft’ embodies the company’s belief that you need skill and experience to build something big and powerful.

A blacksmith – as depicted in the logo – always has been an important member of any community. He uses a variety of tools and equipment to build or repair something to make it durable and long lasting. That’s what BrandKraft does: Think of us as forging and shaping your brands until they are strong and ready to win your battles.

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