Ways of Working

Ways of Working at BrandKraft
For each project we draw on the power of ‘collective wisdom’ by tapping into our network of marketing professionals across the globe. BrandKraft teams connect, collaborate, disband and maybe repeat working together again. With this cross-pollination across a diverse pool of experiences, categories and backgrounds we keep our skills and knowledge up to date and build high performing teams.

Crafters and Co-Creation
BrandKraft’s project outcome is a product of collaboration. We value the journey to the outcome as much as the outcome itself and believe that the best solution emerges when minds from different discipline work together and co-create with the clients. So our style is workshops and brainstorming sessions rather than mere presentations.

For each project we tap into our network of collaborators (or ‘crafters’ how we call them) who are experts in their field. At the start we identify skills and experience needed for the specific project, then we match the ‘crafters’ with the best fit for the project and finally assemble the team with appropriate skills around the project.

The benefits for the client are:

  1. The focus is on solving the brand’s central issue and not on pushing consultants into projects.
  2. You get the A-team that is needed to add meaningful value to your brand and business.
  3. The ‘crafters’ are the dedicated professionals who will do the actual work. We don’t believe in sending seniors only to the first and last meeting and have juniors do the work in between. Who you meet is who will deliver.
  4. You have access to highly experienced professionals with vast business and brand experience in Asia.

If you like to find out more how BrandKraft’s ways of working can benefit your business, contact us now.

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